Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Fun - La Playa Food Fest

Susan enjoying baby time.

Please pass the baby

Mark and Katie, the guys were drinking Victoria, a Mexican beer. Katie and I had Melon Margaritas. Like a pale green sherbet, tasty

Cody Angel was the surprise chauffeur for the evening

Susan really enjoyed Lane, he was pretty relaxed. Not many babies on the island, and everyone loved seeing him. At the restaurant he had an audience all night long.

Madison and Carlie all ready for the Valentine's Day Dance at school. Madison never wears dresses, she is a competition surfer and great basket ball player.

Mark, Paul and Javiar. Mark brought Lone Star Beer

Mark and Paul

We went to Susan and Javiar's to see the girls off to the dance. Very fun. Then off to La Playa for dinner. We had the most excellent guacamole and chips and that cheesy dip with tomato, pepper, and taco meat in it. Paul and Mark split beef fajitas and Katie and I split the crab enchiladas. Everything was wonderful, of course. Susan grooved on holding Lane, and he was ok with that. Javiar explained the wonders of flan to us and we shared a serving. Oh so good. Mark had a good time, and likes the island. It is a friendly place.

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