Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bitching of weather .....

Emily and the fascinating plastic chipmunk. It used to live at Brenda and Pete's house, I think Stephanie liberated it when she was 4.

Sitting on my cute red chair at my little round black table in front of the window, space heater at my feet, and a hot cup of tea to my right. The lake is steamy as the hard earned heat is pulled out to join the dreary wet gray sky. A typical November scene. Except it is frigging June!

Last Saturday Paul took the GTO to the car show at the casino, it was a hot sunny day, in the 90s. Of course it is in an asphalt parking lot, just simmering in the heat. I was going to drive down late in the day, but then two of my good friends, Bev and Sandy were there, so I arrived at 11 am. Paul and I went in the casino to eat and he played some slots, went back outside, the car was as far away as possible from the nice cool casino. Had to be a half mile. Anyway, we get there and everyone is sitting on lawn chairs on the grass bank, in the sun. I lasted about 10 minutes and found a shady tree. Soon after Paul and I both came to the decision that I should go home, couldn't find Sandy, grabbed Beverly and we hit the road. The air conditioner on the car worked until we got out of the blistering parking lot, so it was a hot drive home. Found Bev a bathing suit and we got the tubes and floated in the lake, much better than an asphalt parking lot. Bev and Roger brought steaks and we grilled when they got home at 8 pm. Gee, I am so glad I wasn't stuck there all day. I felt so hung over the next day, which might have been funny if I had been drinking, but was just sad because I felt so tired and head achy bad without any fun that led up to it. It's just not right. I ended up hiding in the house until the weather broke on Wed. night. It was 95 that day. I was starting to feel like my old self, peppy for 63, and did some tube floating in the lake, which had warmed up considerably since Saturday.

We had, I am told, severe thunderstorms on Wed. night and a tornado a few miles from here. Slept right through it. We live just a few miles outside of Clare County so the weather warnings didn't show up on local TV. Since then it has been cold and rainy, temp got up to 54 degrees on Friday. Should be sunny and 70 on Sunday. Does this sound like June? At least this is the last rainy day, it has gotten considerably darker since I got up an hour and a half ago. The grass is green and the weeds are winning!

The weather channel says we are stuck in a weather pattern. Michigan is on the cool and wet side of the jet stream. The south side is hot and dry. On the plus side, Paul hasn't had to water the lawn from the lake yet. And in the cool weather I bake and make beef roasts for dinner. Yummy all over!

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Katie said...

cold and wet here too since the cold front came thru to clear out the 100 degree temps on Wednesday. boo!!! the pool is cold again.