Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday Of No PIctures

Cloudy on Wednesday, no pictures. Katie, Andrea, Ellie and I went to Petosky for lunch. We ate at a small diner in the old city, Pierson's, the food was excellent. The waitress was very nice and helpful. I bought a "Lake Michigan Unsalted" tee shirt. Then I saw one down the street that said "Lake Michigan Unsalted and Oil Free." So true, so true.

Katie and Mark went on the ski lift and Paul and I watched Buddy. Mark and Katie went swimming at Boyne in a nice warm pool. They have several. Lots of restaurants and bars too, a big campfire area, Mark was a happy guy. The zip line looks fun and even young children do it, Charlie was talking to a 6 year old girl in the pool who did it. I want to do it in the fall when the leaves are pretty. Mark had called the Bluegreen front desk and they didn't know where the pools were, or where the ski lift was. That is so bogus. Everyone working the desk should have maps handy to pass out, and know where things are. And act like they care.

We went out to dinner with Mark and Katie and Lane, to the Red Mesa. I had an interesting martini, vanilla bean, almond, something. Yummy. Katie had red cherry margaritas, sweet with real cherries blended in. We had a delicious appetizer that would be an excellent entree, Con Queso with steak, it made 4 wraps. Paul and I split the enchilada combo, Katie and Mark split a combo of taco, enchilada and burrito, Lane ate beans. Then we all ate a Haberano Fried Ice Cream. It was good, it had some heat. Interesting.

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Stephanie said...

Yum! Red Mesa, I'm so jealous.
I think you should wait to leave tomorrow until they open and bring me a to go order to the lake!!
The front desk was always helpful for us at Boyne. We needed ice badly and they brought us a full tray and traded it out for our empty one. Then called until we answered to confirm that we received the ice.
Also got lots of info and maps at check in for the activities.