Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Feel Like A Redneck

Wednesday morning I had to give Paul a push in his little pick up, a manual 3 speed, 4 cylinder, 1985 Ford.  It is so light it just took a little shove, I was wearing my old camo flip flops -  didn't need any traction, and it rolled easily down the road, he popped the clutch and off he went. 

The night before we went to the neighbors for some skeet shooting and was invited to stay for grillin' and sweet corn, zucchini from the garden, etc.  All wonderful, with home grown herbs.  Yum.  Smoked chicken and ribs.  People just kept showing up to eat and shoot, I think they could smell the food for miles,  Priscilla is some cook!  She and Bob live at the farm with the chickens all over.

There are some real good shots in the neighborhood.  Bob is a sharp shooter, and they are all hunters. Charles is a good shot and only 15, he had a nice little gun and a high scatter shot.

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