Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma's Helpful Babysitting

Not sure what the arm signals are, but they insisted on this pictureNot sure if he is upstairs, I heard a whistle
Finding Grandpa
where is he?

The Keenan house is perfect for playing hide and go seek.

Emily wanted to try whipped cream, hiss hiss

This dessert is scary good
Molten chocolate volcano cake is a big hit
Chocolate was flying
A Fireman disagreement. Emily wants to drive.


julie said...

Emily tricked you. She has whipped cream on her pancakes and waffles all the time, she insists upon it! Ah, the 4th child...

Marjie said...

She is so charming and sweet, and we love how she is starting to give it back to Patrick.

Stephanie said...

Love the fireman disagreement.