Friday, December 16, 2011

Nothing Much Happening

Early December day, flat and beautiful beach, and no one to enjoy it.

Carlie and Susan the night of her band concert, which was excellent.

I guess I am a bit behind on my blog. I thought I did a Port A blog, guess not.

So we got here on Nov. 28. The weather has been windy, cold, hot, rainy and foggy, not in any particular order. The birding ponds were nearly empty when we got here, now they are filling up a little, maybe a quarter full. I have seen some egrets and roseate spoonbills. A few coots.

When it was hot here, the red tide came back in, it is a type of algae that takes the air out of the water, killing fish. It also is air born, so an offshore wind spreads it all over and everyone is coughing and congested. Allergies for all! They had red tide very bad here this fall and summer, and people had to stay inside with the air conditioning running. Plus it was wicked hot.

We have been busy with friends. It was great to see Susan and see for myself how good she looks and feels after 5 month of chemo. She says she has never felt better or happier, we think it is from all the prayers flying her way. Her surgery (double M) was scheduled for Dec. 26, but then someone remembered Xmas, and they closed surgery at the hospital except for emergencies (huh? when is Xmas a surprise?). Now it is scheduled for Jan. 5, perfecting timing for her new deductible to kick in. Thankfully, her folks are paying it.

We have been seeing our old friends and making new ones. New friends Denny and Debbie are from Missouri and very nice. That must be a nice state, good people there.

Have been forgetting my camera, but will get pictures.

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