Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cops and Doughnuts, Clare, MI

Forgot the most unique thing we did recently, on Sunday after Mass we went with Tony and Virginia to get coffee and doughnts at the 113 year old Clare Bakery. Just this summer all the Clare city cops (9 including the chief and dispatcher) went together and bought the bakery so it wouldn't go out of business and make the sixth empty storefront on the Clare Main Street. The county of Clare has unemployment rate of over 20%.

The baked good have improved. They are now making eight times the number of goodies than when they started. They have a large line of shirts with cute slogans on them. The guys make them up their selves. They are on the web site. Fav is the running shorts with"Buns and Guns" on the back. They rented the empty store next door and turning it into eating area and a shop for more products. At the bakery the Tees are $15.00, cheaper than the web site. They are employing 21 people now. A boon for Clare. The cops all work there whenever they can but do not take a salary. Sunday morning the main spokesman was there painting the new store, we see him in church often. Another cop working was Ed White's son, he used to own the nursery that Paul used in his lawn care business, and we knew him when he was a little shaver. Theyhave been all over the news this summer, even on the major networks.

It's real friendly there, it was fun. I still have half a date cookie to eat. It is pretty darn yummy. One of their old favorites is the cream bread. It is a round, cylindrical loaf.

They are working on a calendar to sell this winter. It will feature 12 couples who have been married 60 years and have gone into the bakery their whole marriage. One couple still meets there to split a fritter every Friday morning. These guys have great ideas.

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