Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mt. Olympus Water Park

On Wednesday, Katie and Mark, Steff and Paul and I went to the Mt. Olympus Water Park. We had free tickets. It was a beautiful day. Paul went with the kids on a water slide. By that time I was tired and ready to sit with the towels by the lazy river. The top pic is of the Poseidon Wave Pool. At the rear of the photo, in front of the mural, is the 9 foot wave coming at us. That is 9 feet over the depth of the water, which is probably 3 or 4 foot there. People were flying in the surf. Fun to watch, from a distance. Steff said she kept thinking the next wave would be a lot of fun. Didn't quite live up to her hype. This 9 foot wave came from a still pool, no warm up waves. Just popped up.

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