Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Donuts to Appetizers to Pizza

Mark's dad always like to get up early when they traveled and drive around and explore the area. So Mark is always good for the early morning donut run. The local grocery store in the Dells has an awesome bakery and the cream filled and apple fritters are most excellent examples. So we started the day with a good sugar rush.

Next was a mostly spontaneous Jet Boat ride on the lower dells. We all like fast rides. As we reached the front of the line we began to notice people wearing bathing suits, and some of the folks getting off the boats seemed a little damp. But how bad could it be? Well, not bad but very, very wet. Lucky we had a couple little plastic bags to hide the electronics in, and we did it before we got on the boat. We were hardly away from the dock when he did a donut and got us all real good. Thus started 50 minutes of spray. The fast stops were the wettest. We would take a nose dive under the water and a huge wave came over the top of the front of the windshield. The folks in the very front row didn't get soaked though. We were totally squishy wet by the time we got off. It was hot so not so bad unless we were going 30 mph, that got chilly. Katie has pics. One lady had a plastic poncho, $2 at the gift shop. At the very end, as we drove up to the dam, she took it off, figuring we were done with the wet stuff. Just what the captain was waiting for, he did a deeper fast stop and she and the front row got soaked. No one gets away dry.

Then we went home and changed into dry clothes and did some laundry. Grilled hot dogs, Kogels, for lunch. I took a shower and Paul and Mark cooked, Katie and Steff set up the food. It was good.

Katie, Mark, Paul and I had a tee time at 3 pm. Steff laid in the sun and had a whirlpool bath, etc. Girl time. We played 9 holes, best ball, a fight to see which couple was the best of the worst. We tied. Paul took a lot of pics. Mark had a great chip in from 50+ feet and we all had some great putts too. The bottom pic is Mark's chip in, you can see how far it was, you can't even see the green in the pic.

Then we had a Pub Crawl. We started at Marley's, an Island themed bar and restaurant, and sat outside. The drink special was Rum Punch, very tasty and strong. Paul had a beer. Our appetizer was a crab spread, casedias with crab, bread, onion rings, veggies. If you like seafood, it was excellent. Then we went to a place out of town on the river. The jet boat captain said they had good food and a 4,000 gallon aquarium. He was right. We had cheesy fries and a nacho. They had 2 Corona's for $5, and we got a table right next to the fish. We might go back there for the food. Looked very good.

So on the way home we decided to get Fire House Pizza, two for one. It was pretty darn good.

Paul and Mark went to the casino then. Paul won enough to pay for the Pub Crawl drinks and appetizers. He always has a goal when he goes to gamble. Mark might have donated.

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