Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charlie Rides the Goat And Other Things

Katie, Mark and Paul took Charlie and Julia down to Bob and Priscilla's to feed the chickens. Julia ran all over chasing chickens and Charlie had a ride on the goat. Bob got Pearl all calmed down and she was great. Charlie said the best part of the weekend was the goat ride. I am sure that is a punchline to a dirty joke somewhere. Katie might have a pic, or better yet a video. Let me know, Katie and Mark. I will have you download it to this blog. I would love to see it.

Also, last Thursday, we went up to Houghton Lake to visit with Sandy and Rick. It was another beautiful, sunny, dry day in the high 70s. Paradise weather. After Sandy and I got back from the quilt shop, (I found a lovely backing for the baby quilt in the perfect shade of blue/green.) we went for a long pontoon ride on Houghton Lake. They are such fun to talk with and so interesting. We had a wonderful time. As Paul says, "new stories to hear." Then we went up to Higgins Lake and ate at the old place on the corner, about a half mile from the cottage, where they used to sell ice cream cones. Had great fish and macaroni and cheese. Yum.

On Labor day we invited Mike and Jen up for dinner. Well, brats and mac and cheese. Nice restful day. Jen and I keep finding we have more things in common. She is so easy to talk to.


Stephanie said...

I think Charlie rides the goat was the punchline to the dirty joke. :D

Marjie said...