Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally Rain In Kansas

Anna and Megan, Sean to the right.
Even before we got here, early last week, the predictions were for rain all week in Kansas, all the better to wash away the pollen in the air, and coating everything with light green dust. So we enjoyed many sunny dry days until this morning. I finally gave up and started my zithro pills for sinus infection. Felt better within 12 hours. I tried the decongestant that Larry recommended, cetirizine, which put me into a coma for 10 hours, followed by 14 hours of zoned out. Gosh I love those 24 hour pills, nothing like a full day of misery. Anyway, back to real sudifed and Mexican pills.
Megan's First Communion was very nice, traditional. Sharon and I traded stories from the 70s with out kids first communions. Very different. Traditions are so for a reason. Glad they are back to white dresses and veils. Megan is so beautiful, tall and slender, perfect features. Ok, I am a prejudiced grandma. They are all beautiful, but sometimes it takes me by surprise. I will get some edited pics on the blog soon. More later

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