Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miss Roma

Paul, Brenda and Pete

Brenda and a brown pelican

Paul's new do, and Pete
On Tuesday, Brenda got a wonderful hair cut from Heidi. Then we went to lunch at Seafood and Spaghetti House, good as usual. Then we sat at the park for awhile and watched the dolphins frolic. Then we went swimming at their hotel, nice heated pool. Then it was time for dinner at James and Roma's. We brought steak to grill, salad and chocolate mousse cake. James and Roma made hot pepper stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, on the grill. And huge baked potatoes.
It was excellent and fun. Then Brenda wanted to sing karaoke. We check all over and didn't find it on Tuesday nights. Had a drink at the Dog and went home. busy day.
Pete has mentioned the culture shock down here. Yup, there is that. Last night at the Salty Dog there was a dog, of course. Bowls of water on the floor. The doors were wide open, as usual. Everyone is so friendly too, not happening up north. We love it here, not for everyone.

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Ryan said...

I think Paul and I must share a barber. It works pretty well for him though.