Friday, April 9, 2010

Pelican Club Dining

Me and Brenda and excellent sushi


Our last night together we ate at the Pelican Club and it was excellent as usual. We sat on the deck, no wind, no rain, just perfect weather. Brenda ordered California Roll and Susan Sushi, it was very good. One had crab and the other shrimp. We wanted the ribs but they ran out, the table next to us getting the last order. We carped at them until they gave us one, Paul got it because he doesn't do sushi. Brenda ate the tiny lamb chops, very excellent. Pete had shrimp on pasta, Paul had filet with crab, I had the red snapper on asparagus and pasta. Same as I got last time. It didn't sound the same. Anyway, it was good. We shared a chocolate silk pie, it had a brown sugar pecan crust. Very good.

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