Sunday, December 19, 2010

High Creepy Factor

I was trying to be nice, because I am sure that Arkansas is a perfectly nice place to live. The landscape was beautiful, even in the bleak winter. Hills and streams and curves, everywhere. The young girls working in the grocery store were very nice, or maybe scamming us with heavy fake accents. Who can tell? I am going with nice and hillbilly.

It was very creepy way back in the state park, all alone. Lots of strange birds making strange sounds, even at night. Very, very dark. Deep woods behind us.

After we were driving the next day, I had a local radio station on. It was interesting, and I could understand the DJ's. Was good to hear the weather, etc. They the started the call in program. The question of the day was "What thing does 40% of people do every day?" It went on for hours. There must be 45 to 50 folks that listen to the station, some called with guesses 3 and 4 times. Good guesses, like: Brush your teeth, take a shower, take your blood pressure, check your sugar, go to the bank, and other really dumb things. The answer was take an asprin every day.

I laughed a lot, it passed the time. And they had real hill billy accents. But really, still a bit creepy.

If anyone from Arkansas ever reads this it's just a joke and you will never find me.


Katie said...

nice cover up.

Stephanie said...

I know it's the wrong state but the theme from maybe 'Deliverance' got stuck in my head.
The banjo, do da doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.