Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally A Bullseye

We have had a bad week for Mexican food. I have been waiting almost a whole year to go back to Pepito's in Aransas Pass, across the ferry. I loved the food there, it was special and inventive and just what I like. We went there on Monday night and it was all changed. Someone must have stolen their chef. It was just boring everyday, Mexican. They had a few different sauces for enchiladas, like spinach, cucumber. Didn't do it for us.

Then we have been hearing about the VFW taco night. They raised the price to $6.50 each, and it was just make your own taco salad. Ok, but nothing to recommend, and not special at all.

Last night we were sitting around the Gaff with the gang talking about where to go for dinner. Ended up going to LaPlaya, Mexican, just down from the Gaff. We have always heard it was excellent, but it hadn't been open much in the winter and we didn't have a car, so not so easy for us. Sean ordered the guacamole appetizer, which was by far the best I have ever had. Dave ordered the cheese dip, which he got to mix himself, you get little bowls of meat, onion, tomato, etc. Also very, very good.

I ordered the crab meat enchiladas and Paul the beef fajitas, both were excellent. It is on our list of restaurants that we like here in Port Aransas.

It is rainy and dreary today, but not cold. I hear big surf but it isn't

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