Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shooting, Games and Music

These are my keen new shoes, they have ample toe room and have molded to my feet shape. I love them.

Shirley and Kathy setting up for Mexican Train a dominoes game

I totally love this lighting fixture over the stove, butterflies, dragon flies and tinsly fixtures send a lot of light down on the stove top. Looking for this everywhere. Dee is going to ask the owner for me. I am thinking the whimsy is perfect for the lake.

On Monday night's we go to Dee and Tom's house and either play Poker or Mexican Train. It is fun and their rental is really nice and new, with some odd features, like no lights in the dining room. Other than the quirks, excellent home. It has huge screened in porches, there is a hanging bed on one end. It is high as the house in on piers.

On Saturday we took Susan, Javiar, Beth and Dave to the Moose Club in Aransas Pass and the guys participated in a shooting contest. Javiar did real well.

On Sunday we went to Beth and Dave's house to watch the football games and eat. She made a venison and New Mexico chilie dish. The Munoz's were there too. Around 6:30 we all went to the Tarpon Ice House for a benefit event that Cody Angel was playing. He had the same two older men on drums and guitar, as he had last time we saw him. He also had Mike Mulligan from Austin who sings wonderfully and plays the harmonica and harp (Jew's Harp?) He was excellent and has a super voice. Here is a link: http://www.myspace.com/mikemilliganandthealtarboyz

So we were really loving the music, Cody was sounding good when after about 4 songs, it started to rain, no it started to pour. Did I mention that this was an outside event? There was a roof over the stage and where we were setting, but this was a windy tropical rain and it was wet everywhere. Pretty soon folks were standing in water near the stage. They had to stop playing once the stage was all wet. Really windy and rainy. The roofs leaked like crazy. Too sad, we went home.

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