Monday, January 10, 2011

We have been very busy, having the van down here is just excellent. Paul keeps saying, "this was such a great idea!" We hit the ground running in the am and get home after dark. Buddy and J just got here on Thursday, so we took them to our favorite breakfast spot on Saturday, then Carlie's basketball game. Then it was belt sander races at the Gaff, then we listened to Cody, he was playing in the patio. We had a great time, I wasn't even drinking and I only remember we got home after dark. Oh, right, we went to Susan's Aunt Sudie's condo and I made chicken and chilies, Carlie had 3 other 14 year old girls with her. Lots of fun and giggles. Sunday was similar except we started with church, grilled Kogels and went to Bernie's.

Today I have a Yoga strength class, which means weights I am told. We are going to check out skeet shooting at the Moose in Aransas Pass, and dinner at Pepitos with Susan and Javiar. Except things are always changing, but that is the plan. Somehow, I am keeping up, and sleeping pretty good at night.

Bad thunder storm on Saturday night, woke up with the rig shaking in the wind. No hail or tornadoes. They needed the rain.

Andrea and Ryan had 3 foot of snow this weekend in South bend, as of Sunday am.

I took some video of Cody Angel singing at the Gaff, and the races, but keep leaving the camera in the car. Will post it soon. And I forgot my phone when we left on Sunday, wanted to call me girls. Will get on that, the phone is here somewhere.

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