Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paul Day in Port Aransas & Roosevelt's Restaurant

Buddy and J

This was an interesting day here. I had plans so Paul declared this "Paul Day" (like in the TV show "Rules of Engagement). Not sure about him, but I was real pleased about Marjie Day, and really shouldn't every day be Marjie Day? I am pretty sure my daughters agree with me. We all deserve as many days and we can manage.

I know that Paul hit golf balls at the driving range.

I met Sherry in town and we hit some of the local boutiques . Very nice, I could have spent lots more than I did. It turned out we both loved a top at Island Woman, so we both bought it. It has

all my favorite bright colors in it, is light and ties in front at the waist. Then we ate lunch at the Phoenix Cafe. We both had the giro and I had the best sweet potato fries in a long time. My first time there, a good girl restaurant. Then we hit a few beach shops and Sherry remembered that BonJons has all it's stuff at half the marked price. I wish I had know that a few years ago. They have the quality surfer and beach clothes, I easily found two shirts and flip flops.

Then I killed a little time at the beach until my hair appointment. Heidi did a fab job on my head and I got lots of compliments when I got back to happy hour at the park. There was a snacky good bye happy hour for Shirley and Emery. And it was Emery's birthday. They have had a hard winter, Shirley fell on the ice and broke something in her hip, she's using a walker now. Emery has had congestion that just won't go away. Hope they get healthy back in Colorado. They will be in a condo next winter. We camped at their home last Sept., where the unfortunate bear/burglar incident occurred.

Then we went home and duded up for dinner with J and Buddy (our friends from New Mexico that we fished with last Sept.) at Roosevelt's Restaurant. This restaurant is behind the Tarpon Inn, the oldest inn on the island. Very historic, things tend to wash away in hurricanes here. The owner saw us taking photos and came out and took one of all of us together. His major was photo journalism, doesn't like feet and heads cut off either, it turned out great.

I found the menu online. Sadly, I cannot copy and paste.

We ordered an appetizer, a baguette of bread drizzled with balsamic vinegar and wonderful fresh herbs. I am going to experiment with this a bit. It was a delightful sweet and sour medley of deliciousness. And it had to be easy. The drizzle looked like chocolate, the waitress said it was their vinegar balsamic dressing, but it didn't have herbs in it. They were separate. Menu says "fresh herbs and roasted garlic smothered in a balsamic and butter sauce."

Paul had the "Shrimp and Tenderloin Tower, very good with interesting mashed potatoes. I might get this next time.

Buddy had the Rib-eye, the interesting potatoes are Savoyard.

J had Caribbean Char Black Drum.

I had the Pan Seared Red Snapper with shrimp and ricotta ravioli.

J had coupons for free dessert, and we had brownie with ice cream drizzled with caramel in a champagne glass. Excellent, and I could make it.

The food was great and we had fun. Then we stopped at the Tarpon Ice House to hear a band, it was fun but I was tired so we left. Guess I would have enjoyed it more if I was drinking. But I wasn't and didn't want to.

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