Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Ride on the Beach With Marcus and Beth

Picture by Beth Morris, a great photographer

It's hard to get a good crowd shot

This is Marcus, he has a ZZ Top look about him.

The guy in the white asked me to put him on Face Book. Umm, sure!

Shawn and his crew taking a beach ride

Number one reason why pickups are so popular in Texas. I don't know why I haven't seen this ad down here. I think the dog was inside the truck.

Marcus loves spring break. Paul and I took him and Beth on a ride Friday afternoon. He only had one string of beads so he had to be creative, his first comment would be the classic, "show me your titties." Then the follow up "Hey, old people need to see titties too!" If that didn't get him anything but laughs he had the coupe de grace "Man, throw a dog a bone!" Never failed. He also begged 2 and a half beers from guys. Never laughed so much. Beth is much quieter, she traded her beads for a shot of a big hairy butt. Alas, my camera isn't fast enough to catch all the action, or I am just laughing too hard.

Pretty much sums up the day. We are expecting a week of 80s and sun, this is the most crowded week of break coming up. We will have a great tan by the time this is over.

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