Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lotto Fun and Food

Another dreary rainy day of bar hopping in Port Huron.  We really like Port Huron, nice bars and views.  Big freighter in front of the Moose Club.   We kept watching Ed's numbers, 44 and 60 come up on the Lotto screen.  On Wednesday they came up at least 5 times that we noticed at the Moose, and more at the Eagles, even more won today.  So finally Paul started playing them.  Which slowed down the numbers considerably.  He broke even. 

Party Boat on the St. Clare River,

Ate dinner at the Eagles, and Ken and Kay showed up too.  Lots of fun catching up and finding out who is doing what.  


Stephanie said...

I never had the chance to tell you your new hair is cute!

Marjie said...

Thanks, it is pretty easy too