Monday, December 8, 2008

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

This pic is of the original Lucille's Diner on Route 66, between Hydro and Weatherford, OK. There is a new Lucille's down the road, they have a new cook and we decided not to risk the food.

Hydro was an interesting little town. The streets are very wide and drivers just park on either side, or in the middle. We just thought that it was odd to see cars parked in the turn lane, then Shirlene explained how that is the way they used to park out west, and some places still do.

We really like Oklahoma, love the cattle and horses in the rolling hills. And lucky us, we got there the day after 65 mph winds swept through. That would have been a bad head wind.

Weatherford is a nice, small college town, Southwestern Oklahoma State University. It was fun to see Rick and Shirlene. Paul was surprised that they lived in town, he always talks about his farm, but that is out of town. He has sold most of his minature long horn cattle, and the last two are at a family farm. Every time Rick went on vacation, they would get out and run away. When he was home he would give them sugar cubes and pet them every day. They just must have missed him and went out looking for him. Hard to tell the scale of size on the pic unless you use the fence in the background, longhorns are quite large. These are petite.

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