Friday, December 19, 2008

Poker King Paul

Paul is on a poker winning streak this week. I will let him give you the details.

Every night there is a poker game in the club house, one table, dealer's choice. I have had only one losing night since we got here. When we sit down everyone puts in $5, so there is $35 in chips on the table. When I cashed in on Wednesday night I had $31 of the $35. The guys said that in 12 years of playing here no one has ever ended up with so many chips at the end of the game. On Thursdays Texas Hold Em game I took second place for $35. So far I am up over $60. So I am glad that we are leaving for Manhattan, Kansas, so I don't hit the losing streak. Now I have jinxed my self by telling you all this.

Bernie's bar in town is starting a Texas hold em game at 2 every day. Also they have games at 7 and 9 pm. There is no buy in for these games, that would be illegal. The bar plays $50 and $35 for first and second place. During happy hour, a icy 16 oz draft beer is $1. So basically, you sit there drinking $1 pints with a chance to win $50 or $35. Not a bad deal. So if I never talk about poker again in my blog, it is because I lost.

The golf cart is working out well for driving to town. We get to the grocery store and happy hour etc. Had an early dinner at the Wild Horse bar on Wed. They have very good hamburgers and real fries for $5. Even grill the buns.

The golf cart trailer is working out very well. It is like a garage, store the compressor and the power washer, pop, water, etc, in it plus it keeps the cart dry and safe every night.

Very helpful for storage when we take off in the motor home for Kansas on Sunday. We can leave behind all the stuff that might freeze. I have to winterize the motor home again to go up there, the weather is so cold.

This blog was dictated by Paul to Marjie as secretary. Hope you like it.


Stephanie said...

More Dad blogs!!
I thought you were renting a car to go to Kansas?

Marjie said...

Renting a car would cost twice as much as driving the motor home, which is more comfortable plus I don't have to pack! Priceless.

Ryan said...

Good to hear that the poker is interesting to you. Keep winning!

I don't know if the weather in Kansas is going to be anything like it is here, but the high for us between Sunday and Monday is 11 degrees, with lows below zero. Not looking forward to that, hope that Kansas isn't that cold.