Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Southern Beauty Shop - Island Images

Wednesday I took a big leap of faith and got my hair colored at a local beauty shop. I don't know why I was nervous, last year I did it myself and ended up with red hair by the time March rolled around. My appointment was with Ashley, who doesn't take credit cards. Lucky for me Paul was nearby with cash, having anticipated this.

When I walked in everyone was very friendly, a little old lady was getting her lovely white hair cut at one station, another was getting a lovely bouffant up-do at the other. No, it wasn't for New Year's Eve, it was her regular do. Very cute. Her operator was the owner, very pretty with big red Texas hair and that slow accent. Her husband was there too, just chatting with everyone. No rush on anything, just regular island time.

Ashley is fairly young and very competent. I told her my color numbers and she mixed a perfect match. No more white roots for me. Paul came in when I was getting washed so he had a long sit while she dried and straightened my hair. Did a great job. No frizzies yet. I tried to get a picture to post but I looked too old and scary.

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