Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Love This Bar and Grill

We went with Shirlene and Rick to Toby Keith's bar in Oklahoma City, off I 40. Shirlene is sitting on one of the seats, the padded pick up truck tail gate. Very clever and nicely done. There was a lot of interesting things in the bar: gold records, guitars, motorcycles, a saddle made up of tiny mirrors. It didn't photograph very well. I was using my cell phone.

We had lunch and started with Calf Fries, they were sliced very thin and deep fried, of course. More proof that anything tastes good if it is deep fried and breaded. Then there were nachos, straw onion fries, and sandwiches. Shirlene got the cowboy beans, and loved them.

We got tee shirts too!
The top pic shows the gold mirrored saddle, tried to have more pics up. Web is not cooperating.

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