Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve

We went out for New Year's Eve! This must have been the first time in -- I don't know, maybe ever. We consider it Amateur Night. Javiar and Susan wanted us to go to the Gaff, his boss and the Gaff owner planned a party and we all brought food. Sean had two big smokers going and cooked racks of ribs, chicken, the sausage we brought, baked beans, and lots of munchies. The private party and food was all set up outside in the patio area, the same place where the belt sander races are run. Everything was very delicious, but it was colder than a well digger's butt.
The top pic is Paul and Javiar snacking. Then Susan, Javiar and me mowing down the ribs. You can tell how much fun I am having by the way I am hunched down in my parka. Bottom pic is Sean tasting some ribs.

Susan picked up up and we called a cab to get home. Didn't want to have the golf cart on the beach that late. Turned out it wasn't that late, we left at 10:30. It was too cold outside and too smokey in the bar. I could have stayed if it was warmer, Paul was a good sport. More later.

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