Monday, January 19, 2009


Good question, glad you asked. After spending four winters in Texas we finally stopped at Whataburger for a snack. We took the golf cart to Port A and I had a snack attack. Tried the drive through and got the Whataburger Jr. at $1.75. It was extremely tasty, it seemed to be fried on a grill like a bar burger. It had lots of mustard, a large amount of fresh and tasty lettuce and tomato with onion and pickles. The quality of the beef was good and it had that great tang of salt in the first bite.

Not being satisfied with that amount of testing, we hit it again after church on Sunday. This time Paul got the JustaBurger for $.99, it is the same size as the Jr. but has mustard, pickles and onions. We are puzzled over the mustard thing and ordered ketchup instead. I tried the regular Whataburger at $2.49, sans mustard. We were both satisfied with our burgers. The unsweetened ice tea is good too. I just looked at the web site and in a detailed and to scale drawing it indicates that the Whataburger has 3 tomato slices and 4 pickle slices. Good to know. And they are made to order, which we suspected, as we had to wait and they were hot. Here is the link

Found this on Wikipedia: "On May 6, 1999, the company's flagship "Whataburger by the Bay" opened on Shoreline Drive in Corpus Christi, Texas. A tribute to founder Harmon Dobson, this flagship store boasts 6,000 square feet, water views, and a life-size bronze statue of Mr. Dobson near the entrance at the bay side." Field trip coming up.

Texas pals heartly endorse the Jalapeno Whataburgers but they aren't on the menu now, maybe they save it for Lent or something. The company is privately owned and headquarted in Corpus Christi, which whould explain the Whataburger on every block.

I think our next gourmet excursion will be to the Texas Stop Sign, the Dairy Queen. Our young Texas friend, Carlie, loves their burgers. Sounds like a snack attack occasion.


Andrea said...

Mmm...makes me hungry. Love a good burger.

Marjie said...

I know, it's 7 am and my stomach is growling just thinking about it. They are good.