Saturday, January 24, 2009

Moby Dick Revisited

Rick and Shirlene and Paul and I went out to dinner at Moby Dick's on Thursday night. I was just sick of cooking. Couldn't even think of anything to cook. And that was a great idea. We had each been to Moby Dick's once, time to go again. It is a very interesting restaurant, full of real fish in tanks and huge fish hanging from the ceiling, and boats and traps and all kinds of kitschy things, highlighted with blinking lights.

We all got specials of the day. I got bar-b-que shrimp, with a sweet and sour type of sauce on it, the rest got the ribs. Everything was great. The cole slaw was wonderfully fresh and creamy, it tasted like it had whipped cream in it. The potato was equally good, very creamy and since this is the south it had relish in it.

Shirlene and I have been talking about potato salad recently and her favorite is made with mashed potatoes, with all the regular additions. She can even use the premade refrigerated mashed potatoes. How easy would that be? I can't wait to try it.

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