Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday at The Big Fisherman

On the mainland, just north of Aransas Pass, there is a restaurant out in the sticks that must serve more dinners than any other place for 30 miles. And that is just on Tuesdays. Their Tuesday lunch special is chicken fried steak, fried gizzards or fried livers with real mashed potatoes and southern gravy, coleslaw, roll and soup, for $2.25. All you can eat. And the food is pretty good. Margaritas and beer are a dollar. Four of us ate and drank for $13.50.

The line is long but it goes quite fast. The quality control there is impressive, they serve around 5,000 meals on Tuesday for lunch and they were good. Imagine the mountain of mashed potatoes alone.

I took a beach walk when we got home and was surprised to find the gulf very quiet and calm and beautiful, the quietest I have ever seen it here. They said it would be rainy and cloudy today, glad they were wrong.
Yay! Lots of good walking weather coming up.

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