Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan. 25, 2009, Our 40th Wedding Anniversary!

And it was a cool and breezy day, mid 60's and got warmer after sunset. We drove to church in our golf cart on the beach. Then we went to Quizmos for subs. By 12:30 we were sitting in Bernie's with red beer and diet coke. The owner was behind the bar and he is pretty nice. Then two ladies came in, both bartenders in town and they started pounding down the beer and vodka. they were so nice and funny. One had the same accent and smile and gestures as Marisa, and Brenda's sense of humor. We love this red neck town, it is like Clare x 31 (the number of bars here). Really, Brenda, you can't get here soon enough.

Note: our Catholic Church here in Port Aransas has 86 families, there are 31 bars in town. Sure sign of a tourist town.

Then we got back home about 3 pm. I saw James walking his dog early Sunday morning so I knew that he and Roma were back at the park. They had been up near Fort Worth since early Dec. James's dad was real sick. I had missed her so much! She is such a sweetie. We dropped in for a visit, she loves our golf cart and wants to buy it. I told Paul that someone would want it. We can just get a new one every year and take it down. Everyone gives us compliments on it. They cost a lot more in Texas and aren't as cool.

Just before 5 pm, Rick and Shirlene picked us up and we went to Bernie's, the local band, Tumble Dry Low was playing. Last Sunday a lot of our friends from the park went there to dance. There was about 30 folks there. There had to have been double that this week, and they played for 4 hours. It is mostly older country songs, and a little rock and roll. We have to practice our two step. Winter Texans were by far the majority at the bar with a few youngsters around the fringe. They all had amused looks on their faces, and then seemed surprised at the skill of some of the dancers. We have some really good dancers, some tall, some round, all light on their feet. It was great business for the bar, winter is pretty slow here. In the summer it is packed, they have 6 security people when it is busy. Keeping the kids out and keeping the peace.

So we had burgers and fries there. Very good. Tonight, Monday, we are going on the "Dine Around" here in town. Many of the restaurants have samples of their best dishes, and beer of course. With Rick and Shirlene. It will be fun and tasty.

Another note: down here in Texas and in Oklahoma, folks take their dress jeans to the dry cleaners and have them starched and ironed. That explains why they look so good.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a nice time!
I always think it's the 26th, so shame on me for not calling. I even said, tomorrow is my parents 40th anniversary. Sheesh.
Happy Anniversary!!

Andrea said...

I kept meaning to call yesterday. Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary.


Katie said...

I did try to call, but you were at Bernie's obviously! So I called Julie to remind her ;~) Sounds like you had fun. Be sure to leave the redneck's behind when you come home!

Marjie said...

We are trying lure our friends up to Michigan, they are okies not rednecks. Rednecks, to us, are just regular folks who are friendly.

I get dates all mixed up too, as Mark and all my kids know. Don't matter.