Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Best January Ever

With apologies to our northern friends, this has been our best Texas January ever. This pic is from Sunday, and Monday was even nicer, highs up in the 80s and only about 6 inch rollers on the gulf. I took the cart to the beach about 1 and got home just before 3. Walked in the sun for over an hour. Wanted to lay out in my suit but it was just too hot. Chatted up a nice lady who grew up in Michigan and is new to our park. We have lots of new, younger people this year. A good thing. Terry and Mary, from MN have started coming to our happy hours at Rex and Nellie's, early 50s, nice to meet them. Our friends are also starting to go out to Bernie's on Sunday nights for dancing. A very good local band has started to play there. Yay, fun stuff. We will go next Sunday. On our 40th anniversary.

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