Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dine Around on a beautiful day.

Monday turned out to be a beautiful day, high 70s, clear and sunny, big surf. We walked in the morning and just sat in the afternoon. This is such unusual weather for us, at least 20 degrees above normal. No seaweeds or junk on the beach. We have had the clear jelly fish all along, and now we are seeing Portugese Man O'War washing in.

We went with Rick and Shirlene to the Dine Around here in town. We had heard good things about it in the past, lots of good food at each restaurant, usually their specialities. Three places had gumbo, each one hotter than the last. Except for two 12 year old boys on bikes, this was all Winter Texans participating, and it is well known that they don't like the hot stuff. So I don't know what that was all about but it won't bring in business. We really liked the ribs at the Crazy Cajun, and crab cake at the Pelican Landing. And we will for sure eat there soon. We had fun, of course, and without eating much, were very, very full. We had wondered about the brew pub, they advertised the wonderful pizza, but the sample was ample. Still haven't found real pizza here. We will try it at the Spaghetti and Seafood Place.

One thing nice about restaurants here is that they will cook your fish or steaks. You take your meat or fish in, pay for the sides and tip the cook, and they do the cooking for you. Nice because there isn't room for company in your rigs.

Paul is going out fishing with James and some other guys on his fishing boat soon. Everyone pitches in for gas for the boat. He can go out 60 miles, most winter Texans just fish in the channel or on the shore or jetty, versus going out in the gulf. He specializes in shark, and Ward and Michelle's daughter, Megan caught a 7'2" hammerhead shark last summer. James is a charter boat captain with his boat in the summer season. Paul wants to have some fish to take friends out and have it cooked. I would like to bring some home, especially amber jack!

Time to get out to the beach for a walk. This is our last nice day for awhile, got some 60s and clouds rolling in for Wednesday.


Stephanie said...

Field Trip!
I was just watching Deep Fried Paradise on the Travel channel and in Snook, TX...not very far from you it seems, where they make chicken fried bacon.
I think it's your duty to travel there and try it.

Marjie said...

Snook, TX. Did they have anything else to eat??