Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun On Saturday

Thanks to a NW wind blowing down Red Cedar Pollen from Hill country, I am having a major allergy event. None the less, I managed to have fun on Saturday. We went with Javiar and Susan to Carlie's first basketball game. It is co-ed sixth graders. They played very well for that age group. It was fun.

After the game we went to Los Comoles Mexican Restaurant in Rockport. The food there is excellent. I had the avocado shrimp, which is very rich. I am going to change my favorite to Chicken Jalesco, which was Susan's choice. It was chicken marinated in wine, sauteed, with chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers on top, a cheese was on it too. You could taste the wine, very nice. Javiar got quesidillas, steak and chicken. They were awsome. Carlie had beef something, which she liked. Paul had a burrito and it was good too.

Then we stopped at their home, visited with neighbors Donny and Shirley. Very nice folks. Then we went to the shop where Javiar works. It is brand new. Has 3 wonderful apartments over it. They are decorated very chi chi and even have granite counter tops. Way too nice to rent. The shop is nice too. It is oil changes and buggy and motor cycle rentals. He has 3 choppers, 3 Harleys and a crotch rocket of some kind. We are going there for a super bowl party this afternoon and I will get some pics to post.

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