Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Can't Believe I Forgot My Camera

I don't know where to start. Friday was an amazing day, it just got better and better. Every time something else would happen I would think "it can't get any more bizarre than this, how can I ever leave this town" and ten minutes later, it did!

Day started out normal, slaved over my house cleaning, (ten minutes to wipe the floor with a sponge and clean the bathroom). Read a book. We left for town in the golf cart about 1 pm. stopped and took some walk time. Had a snack attack and we split a Whataburger Jr. Went to Bernie's and sat at the bar. Had a good time talking to some folks and the waitress, discussing the upcoming Marti Gras Parade. Friends walked in and joined us, 15 minutes more friends walked in. Moved to a table. Good visiting. Guy walked in, Frank's friend, very nice. They start talking and Paul says, "did you get the new starter in your boat"? "Huh"? says he. Paul strings him along about what a small town it is and he heard about his boat on the beach, which he did. Pretty funny. So eventually we leave and get groceries. At a stop sign Paul's phone rings, Roma wants to know if we want to go out on the town. Of course, in 20 minutes when we get home. We get home put the milk in the fridge and they are picking us up.

Roma wants live music, we go to the Wild Horse, eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor, order some food. Good Philly Cheese Steak, so so nacho. Pretty soon a guy is up on stage singing, and he is good. Soon joined by a man and a woman. But time to move on.

Roma says there is karaoke at the Salty Dog. We have never been there, it looks very run down and tiny. But that is just the front, it is large by island standards and pretty nice and has a huge parking lot behind it. Roma loves to drink Salty Dogs. I try one and they are pretty good, gin and grapefruit juice. Karaoke is pretty interesting. There were awful singers and good singers. Scotty was awful, sang dreary depressing songs off key. The old guy with a long beard was skeleton thin and sang with his dog on his lap. Quite badly. But some sang very well. Like American Idol, some just chose the wrong song. Had to leave, and we went to Bernies.

And Bernie's deserves it's own post. This is when it gets good.

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