Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunrise over the dunes

This morning the sunrise too good not to post. The weather has been beautiful, Wednesday was in the 80s and the sun is starting to be intense. We have been very busy. We both have had allergies again. Felt too good for it to have been a cold.

Some of our activities, beyond the usual happy hour gatherings in the hood: grilled steaks and ate with James and Roma and Susan and Dwayne. Very fun. Roma makes wonderful salads. On Monday we went to our church's Winter Dance. Last year the food was great, this year they were about 100 servings short. Skimpy servings. The band played big band music and waltzes. We left early and got hamburgers at the Wild Horse Saloon. Very good.

Last night we were stretching happy hour and Mavis said "Where we going for dinner?", so us and Rick and Shirlene and Mavis went to Finn's. It was Very Fun. They have family style servings. We had a huge delicious nacho, then a platter of fried shrimp, the best! And Coleslaw. Mavis got pretty tuned so she was very funny. Finn's is on the harbor with plenty of big boats to watch.

This is the best winter we have ever had here in Port Aransas, great weather and lots of good friends.

Oh, weirdness, apparently others think that our happy hours are a big drunken clique! Which is strange because we drag strangers in off the street (we sit in a driveway) and not half of us drink. Kind of like we woke up in the middle of "Revenge of the Nerds" as certainly most of us are just normal quiet folks. And very friendly. Nellie and Rex are in their 80s, many are in their 70s, lots of 60s and some baby 50s. The attitude is definitely baby boomer "no rules please." No one else welcomes the new kids and asks them over to gab with them.

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