Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back Home In Michigan

So we have a pic of Julia and Andrea on the slide, and Paul and Megan, nice and tall at 7 years old.
Charlie playing drums at the playground.
We made it home Monday afternoon and have been busy ever since. Nice visit with Andrea, Ryan and Charlie and Julia. Had fun shopping with Andrea and planning her flower garden. Paul attended three baseball games with Ryan. He is the score keeper for the Silver Hawks in South Bend. Very fun for him.

We also had a great lunch with Stephanie in Grand Rapids. Sandwiches at the Founder's brew pub, just across from the GR Central Bus Station. Beautiful day and a nice new/redone building with outdoor seating. I forgot my camera.

So now we are back at the lake, lots of bass jumping out front and we have two wood ducks nesting in boxes this spring. Went shopping in Clare yesterday, fun to see the Amish horse and buggies in town again.

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Stephanie said...

Such adventures you have!