Friday, April 3, 2009

I miss my washer and dryer

I had to do laundry Thursday. The park is half empty, you would think it would be easy to slip in and do it. It looked easy, six washers were open. There are eight washers, four large dryers and four small dryers. Two folding tables. So I throw in the laundry and run home. When it is dryer time, there are only two empty dryers. A couple that were drying their clothes when I put stuff in the washers were using six dryers and both folding tables. He was using one table to hold a sheet as he wondered how to fold it. She had stuff all over the other table as she slowly folded panties into 3 inch squares as she took them, one at a time out of the dryer, still keeping her hold on that dryer, and occasionally running across the room to another dryer and throwing something it it. Finally I got all my things in dryers. When I came back 20 minutes later they were still at it (he was still holding the same sheet) and a lady was waiting patiently for my dryers. I don't know how you can dry clothes for almost an hour. And still using both folding tables. Grrrr. They were probably French, up from winter in the valley. I really wanted to say "First time in a laundromat?" or maybe "The maid's day off?"

At least the little old man wasn't there. By the time his clothes is dry he smells like a wet diaper.

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