Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our New BFFs and Dinner at The Pelican Club

Yes, Tom and Pat are our new Best Foodie Friends!! I wrote previously about our dinner at Fin's, tonight we tried a new restaurant for all of us. Tom and Pat have been coming down here for many years and didn't know The Pelican Club existed. This is our fifth year and never heard about it before. It is down in the old town on the harbor, a run down neighborhood. And really, when I say that Port Aransas is a little red neck fishing town, I am being kind. Remember the pics of the old, old trailers up on stilts or on top of an old shed?(pic attached) Still there. The oldest bar in town is in this neighborhood, it survived the last big blow. All else in town was gone except for a cement slab. That's the story anyway.

The food was extraordinary. White linen tablecloths! Haven't seen that here before. The waitress knew the menu and specials well. All the wait staff was well trained and intelligent. And of course, Texas friendly. We chose to eat inside instead of on the deck, due to the 40 mph winds today. It looked nice out there and not windy, but it was in the 80s and humid and the air felt good.

So our waitress is explaining the specials that weren't on the menu, and the menu was very large and innovative, the first one was ling with bananas and veggies and rice. Huh? "What is ling?" It's fried in tempura with caramelized bananas, like bananas foster. But what is a ling? Turns out it is a fish with firm white meat. Oh very yum, the sauce was sweet with some heat. The ling was fried perfectly with the thinnest coating of tempura imaginable. Just a wonderful mix of flavors. Paul had lobster and filet, he loved it. Tom had perfectly sauteed scallops. Pat had a fish with cheese on top, on pasta. Tom had a Caesar salad and the rest of us had the walnut blue cheese salad, made with fresh baby greens, red peppers and a balsamic dressing that was very tart. Again an excellent mix of flavors.

For dessert Paul had Spanish Coffee and Tom had brandy. Pat and I chose the Caramelized Ginger Creme Brule on a black berry bottom. They had a large dessert menu including cheese cake, lemon cup, chocolate silk pie, and more. The creme brule was pretty perfect.

Here is a link. I will try to remember more details too. Oh they also had a fish that is coated with corn starch and fried. It is whole, about 9 inches long and served standing up. A very impressive sight!

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