Friday, April 3, 2009

Perfect End to the Day

Hey to Rebeca, a new reader and friend from Port A! We have great beach conversations.

Thursday was a very windy day, and hot. It was a north west wind, which means it was very dry and warm, coming over the hot dry dessert of south Texas and Mexico. At the very least we had 30 mile per hour gusts, probably more. We went to the pool about four and I could see my skin dry up. Even Paul has dry skin and uses lotion. It is either very high humidity here or very low. But it was a beautiful sunny day in the 80s.

Since it is light until almost 8 pm now we went to the beach for a walk after dinner. It was perfect. The wind had finally laid down and the waves were small. And the beach was very clean and empty. No beach junk!! Great to walk in the water. Hopefully we will have more nice evenings in our last two weeks. And the snow better stop up north. Not going home until it does.

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