Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Dynkus Day

A Polish custom, Dynkus Day is Easter Monday, or Wet Monday. Wet referring to both the weather and the drinks. It also involves unions and politicians and hard boiled eggs and Polish sausage. It is mainly celebrated in South Bend, IN, and Buffalo, NY. It is celebrated on a par with St. Patrick's Day.

Hooples Bar in Bremen, IN, also celebrates Dynkus Day in a big way. There was a big Texas Hold'em going on at the front table. Drafts were $2 and all day, all you can eat sausage and hard boiled eggs for $7. The table next to ours, 3 drunk old farmers, or hippies, went through 3 pictures of dark brew while we were there. Several ladies were having fun too.

I was happy to enjoy my first northern Bloody Mary, the bland kind with dill pickles in them. And we had the mini Hoople burgers, excellent and very garlicky. Yum.

Then we went to visit Andrea and Ryan and the kids. Then we went to Rigolies for dinner, alcohol and pizza half price for Dynkus Day the salad was wonderful, Italian Salami, mozzarella cheese, black olives, Italian Dressing. Most excellent. The Chicken Parm was excellent too. My pizza had the wrong stuff on it, so they let me have that one and one with the right stuff, peperoni, hamburger and mushrooms. What a Dynkus Day treat, 2 pizza for $6.

So now we are back in the RV, and leaving for home in the morning. Ed was going to meet us here but his slide on his RV got stuck open, the motor broke. I can't wait to get home, except for the awful rain and cold and dreary clouds. April is a pretty cruel month too.

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