Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thursday Night

After dinner last night we decided to go to the Dairy Queen in town and sit and watch the boats at the park. Then Javiar called and asked us to the Gaff for pizza as Kim and Ellen were leaving on Friday. They live in S. Dakota in the summer as he has something to do with the wheat crop there. From Labor Day to April 1 they live in their beach house down here. Ellen's parents and other family live here too.

So lots of friends there, we have some pizza, and fun. Talk about Friday nights entertainment, meet the kids, Kendal 23, and her hubby Brady, 35. Eight of us are going in a limo to Corpus to the House of Rock to hear three bands, on of which is Cody Angel's Band. Kendal was worried she would have to be good so Paul and I wouldn't be offended. Yes, I do offend so easily. She is sweet and tonight will be excellent. Can't wait -- Paul and I will have our first limo ride! We are such bumpkins!

Then we went to Javiar and Susan's and got 4 hugs each from Carlie and 1 from her friend Rachel . Then we got a whippy thing and went to the park to watch the ships, in the dark. Excellent view. Then home to watch both Idols.

By 9 am I was opening windows in here, hot already. Beautiful day. Meeting Sherry in Port A for lunch. Lord, I am going to miss her when we go. We became instant friends. Oh, she won the whole pot at poker night, and I actually won 3 games. First time either of us had won a game.


Stephanie said...

It's hard to believe that was your first limo ride!

Marjie said...

Bumpkins are us