Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Kitchen

Overwhelmed by unpacking and organizing the kitchen. I just want chocolate! And a nap!

It looks amazing and so does the dining room, pale bluish paint on the walls, lighter in the kitchen. The floor is an excellent match for the newly stained cupboards.

The granite is grayer than the sample and looks better for it. I had been worrying that it would be too blah, and the additional gray adds movement and life. The copper/maroon spots match the door handles very well. A nice touch. The granite gray is the same as the gray marble in the back splash.

White appliances add brightness, as does the island and trim. Shane had a good idea with the wainscoting. I always like that touch.

In an effort to keep appliances and stuff off the granite, why cover it up? I am turning the storage closet into an appliance storage and pantry. Hope to keep it simple and clean looking, no clutter.

Sure have a lot of orange stuff to lose. Simplify simplify simplify. Shane is a superhero remodel-er and decorator

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