Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Worst Grandmother Ever

Tree frog studies

Anna, looks like she got boinked on the head too

Paul, Megan and Anna


Grandpa loves BB

Emily and Grandma taking a break from round ball.

We have been playing our old legs off with the kids on this visit. It wasn't snowing or anything, and the yard at the new house is sheltered from the winds. Very pleasant. Megan and Anna are good basketball players, and so is Patrick. And since the basket is quite low, so is grandma. I always wanted to play basketball on a court make to scale for short white ladies. My dream came true here. If you can touch the net it is so much easier to make baskets! And if your opponent is 3 foot tall, all the better! So Patrick and I are just playing a pick up game and one of my shots banks off the backboard and gets him right in the face. Man, poor little guy, I couldn't stop laughing. He ran to mama, just to make me look bad. It was an accident! He cried again a little later, can't remember why, maybe a hockey stick incident or something. Or bumper cars? There are some benefits of getting old and forgetting stuff.

Oh, sweet little Emily loves bumper cars, and no one got pinched fingers. It was great, take note Timer and Sharon, Emily gets in the Little Tykes car and Patrick rides the trike. You are the motor for the car. Crash often.

Saturday the kids played outside all day, and the big deal was the chocolate milk they made in the tree house up in the woods. They used water and dirt and snails and worms. The tree frog escaped the potion, I have some standards. Tree frogs are favorites of mine, love the song at night.

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