Friday, May 23, 2008

Brisket Heaven

So here we are in Milan, Michigan, apparently the northern center of smoked brisket, right here at the Osterhout Ranch. Wyman and Cyndi made the most delicious brisket for us yesterday. It was smoked for two hours in a wonderful rub, then slow baked for 3 hours. She also made red skin sour cream potato salad, drunken carrot/raisin salad, and a delightful key lime cake for dessert. She invented the drunken salad, soaking raisins in rum (heated in the microwave), mixed with shredded carrots. The dressing is mayo, vinegar and poppy seeds. Most excellent.

It is spring here in the south (of Michigan) the trees are all leafed out, iris are blooming, corn is up. It is sunny and warm. Life is good. Wy and Paul are going fishing on Lake Erie, Cyndi and Sherri and I are going shopping in Toledo. A delightful city full of the worlds best coney dogs.

We will be looking for the elusive, yet perfect, window treatment for my living room. I only work with experts.

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Stephanie said...

As the officiator of your comments, it has to be said that you are obsessed with coney dogs.
With good reason.