Monday, May 19, 2008

Not A Nurse

Steff came home to have three wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. As many of you know, a painful, drug filled occasion. She couldn't swallow, eat, drink, sleep, etc. I was sympathetic for hours . Which used up all my sympathy supply for the next 15 months. I didn't think to keep track of her pain pills. I kept forgetting to make more ice. Not a nurse bone in my body. Sorry, Steff. I did make turkey veg. rice soup. And homemade bread. Easier to remember cooking.

We went to Bob's Bar in Clare on Saturday night. I was tired of all that cooking and nursing. I had Alaskan whitefish, it was very good, mild and tasty. And Jean Villa was at the lake this weekend. She came over for dinner on Thursday and Friday night. We had a great time, she has the best stories! Which she needs to record or write down. Her and John both have had very interesting lives.

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Stephanie said...

You did good, homemade bread was more than I ever dreamed.