Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oprah's Top Sandwich

On Saturday, Cyndi and I went into Ann Arbor for lunch at Zingerman's Delicatessen. I have been hearing rave rewiews about this place for years. It is always crowded, and since it is across from the farmer's market, there is never any parking. We arrive in the area just as a angle parking slot across from the deli opens up. Cyndi declares it the "koenig spot" and she slips her pick up in quickly. Since U of M was out for the holiday weekend, the crowds were minimal. The line went around the corner and half way down the block. Only took 15 minutes to get in the door.

Recently, their sandwich, Lisa C's boisterous brisket sandwich, was named on Oprah's show as one of the top ten sandwichs in the US. And Zingerman's served everyone in her audience a sandwich. Since Cyndi had made us brisket on Thursday, we opted to split a Zingerman's Reuben ($12.50), it was huge and served on hand sliced Jewish rye bread. Also split a side of potato salad, that was almost as good as Cyndi's home made. This corned beef sandwich is their number one seller, and they have 7 different corned beef sandwiches, not counting the rachels and other variations. Cyndi's favorite has corned beef with chopped liver with leaf lettuce and Russian dressing.

This whole operation is expertly run, there is a gate keeper that offers free side dish samples and lets you into the store when there is room. Exellent marketing scheme. Two people take orders and explain the process. Then you go pay and find a place to sit. The main building is an historical building, built in 1902. It houses the sandwich making area and store. There is a large patio dining area, another old two story building with a pop/coffee/tea serving bar, and seating on both levels. There is a tiny old house that seems to be a gift shop, it wasn't open. In back there was a large tent for seating also. There were at least 100 people sitting out side. When your order is up a college student brings it out on a tray and hollers "lunch for Cyndi O" or whatever. Takes good lungs to work there. It was a beautiful, sunny day so this was great people watching.

We had new pickles with our sandwich, as opposed to old pickles that are more salty. And we got a jumping ginger cookie, most excellent, tasted like homemade molassas, except better with more ginger. I bought some bagels and raisin pecan bread for breakfast. And now I am hungry for it.

There was a lovely Jewish family in front of us in line, from western PA. In town for a wedding, I am guessing. Cyndi told them a funny joke, but I am sure they thought we were rubes. I regretted not wearing all my gold jewerly and diamonds. Grandma thought I was sadly lacking. The deli will overnight you the makings for 4 of the Rubens for only $100.00. Such a deal!


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what no coney dog's there too?

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No coney dogs, they do have hot dogs.