Friday, May 30, 2008


When Katie lived in Grand Rapids, we would go out for breakfast at a really cool little diner. It was within walking distance of her house if it wasn't raining. Wonderful, wonderful food. One of my favorites was pancakes with granola and bananas. Sounds weird, but the crunch was so good. I have gotten close to the original recipe.

I make pancakes, used blueberries in them today. The original has banana slices in it, I put them on top, and shake some crunchy cereal on them. Cover with syrup and whipped cream if you are feeling naughty. I don't have any Reddi Whip so settled for sugar free syrup. Didn't have granola so I used Cinnamon Pecan Special K. The possibilities are endless.
A picture of Sean and the kids in Milwaukee for Melissa's wedding last weekend.


Katie said...

if only there was a Real Food here....

Stephanie said...

I was going to say I assume you are talking about the Real Food Cafe, my friday lunch.
You can always come visit me and go there, remember someone still lives in GR, even though you try to pass it by now.
I will mention they have changed their menu in the past month and now have Almond Joy Pancakes, I haven't been able to try them for fear of coconut being stuck in my vacant teeth space.
They also have a new breakfast sandwich, the BELT, BLT with egg.
Many more new items as well.
I love that place.

Marjie said...

That's the place. Will you have room in your new apt for company?

Stephanie said...

Oh yes, plenty of room, anytime!
It's sooo nice! I hope you will come see it.