Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Update

We had another fun lake weekend. Friends Jen and Mike came for dinner on Saturday. Paul grilled turkey fillets wrapped in bacon. We get them at Sam's Club. Nice to have something different and healthy to grill. I am always whining that we need a new meat. That is a winner! I made potato salad, and Jen's cucumber recipe. Paul grilled marinated asparagus.

Neighbors Tony Boyle, and John and Jean Villa came over and we watched the Red Wings win a hockey game. It was nice that we now have enough furniture for seven people to sit comfortably and we can all see the TV. The ambi light feature really makes watching TV easy on the eyes, a soft light comes from behind the TV and the color changes to match what is on the screen.
Shane has made us a stand to hold the DVR, cd player, etc. I can't wait to see it. He is bringing it on Tuesday.

On Sunday we picked up the Boyles for church, and later we ate dinner with them and Shane and Amanda and three darling daughters. Always fun to be around the lake. We had a boat ride on their new pontoon.

We have a wood duck nesting in one of the boxes out front. It is amazing to watch her head full speed towards the little hole in the box, put on her breaks, and fit perfect through the hole at half speed. She hardly ever misses.


Stephanie said...

So the wood duck misses?
Video please.

Marjie said...

Yes, sometime the landing is aborted. She takes another big turn around the lake and comes in again. No video available.