Friday, June 6, 2008

Road Trip to Houghton Lake

Thursday we took a drive up to Houghton Lake, about an hours drive north of Clare. We visited our friends we met our first year in Texas, Rick and Sandy Allen. They have a home on the north shore. Sandy showed me the Around the World quilts she has been making for her grand kids. Very nice. Love her fabric choices. She is also an accomplished artist. Having no talent myself, I really enjoy seeing her paintings.

After leaving there we met Roger and Bev at the Moose Club for a drink, then had dinner at a small place just north of the club and on the other side of the road. It was named Kilkare. Excellent food. Large menu with many good choices. Paul loved his Philly Cheese Steak sub. Bev and I had lake perch, sweet potatoes and green beans with bacon. The rolls were great too.

It was so odd, we sat down at the table and Bev and I say at the same time, "I have to eat right now." We look at each other and she says "Are you diabetic too?" We are even on the same meds. She has been on them longer so she had some good advice for me. It is still a mystery most of the time. The waitress brought us wonderfull rolls right away, and cinnamon butter! Very tasty. The mashed sweet potatoes tasted like whipped pumpkin pie. A very good meal.

We sure got a lot of rain yesterday, too wet to check the rain gauge down by the lake, but I can see the lake is up a few inches, the stones are all underwater.

Andrea, daughter #3 of 4, is arriving for a visit on Friday with darling children Charlie, three, and Julia, nineteen months. They are staying until the next weekend. Husband, Ryan, is coming for the weekend only. As usual, the weather is going to be very hot and humid. Hopefully we can get some outside play time. Can't wait for those little hugs!

I have to spend some time kid proofing the house. So out of practice. Guess that means Paul has to hide the critter gun. The chipmunks are safe for a week.

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Score for the chipmunks!