Friday, June 20, 2008

Golfing Around

Tony and Virginia boated down in their pontoon boat this morning, I was still in my cowgirl PJ's, and we all decided to go golfing. We went to the former Holiday Greens in Mt. P. Now owned by the Indians, and named Soaring Eagle Inn. Nobody was golfing and it was a beautiful sunny day. That is a sign of the sad state of the economy in Michigan. We played 18 holes (16 for me) and ate there for lunch between 9s. Paul is happy with his score, and I was pretty happy with my golf, got 3 pars. Once I hit the stick on my second shot. Everyone putted very well. They have the nicest putting greens in the area.

Lunch was pretty good. Paul and I split a club sandwich, very tasty. Tony and Virginia split a chicken cordon bleu sandwich. They were out of Cherry Wheat beer but had Blue Moon, which had everyone pretty darn happy. Our waiter got all mixed up. He thought Tony and I were a couple and Paul and Virginia were a couple. They were drinking beer and Tony and I didn't. The drunks and the not drunks. It is much cheaper not to drink.


Stephanie said...

Someone needs to be the driver!
You should have told them you were swingers, no pun intended!

Marjie said...

Our waiter was very young, we didn't want to damage him unduly.