Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend News Update

This has been a busy week. Charlie and Julia survived nicely. At their ages (just 3 and 20 months) about all I can do is keep them alive. It is a full time job. And Andrea is very good at it. I am usually several feet behind .... they are faster than they look.

Friday I ordered a new wall oven. Later, Paul and I had pictures taken for church. "Look Paul, we are still old and fat!" Didn't order any. I prefer to remain anonymous but Fr. Patrick laid on the guilt. After that we had to go to the Moose to recover. It was Karaoke night! Amazing show . Some people can sing very well. Some can't. Doesn't seem to stop them from trying. I didn't know there were so many classic country tunes. My personal theory on singing karaoke is that in order to be drunk enought to sing, I would be too drunk to stand and hold the mic. Works out nicely for all concerned.

On the way home we stopped at Boyle's cottage, just down the lake from us. We have been neighbors since 1986, when our kids were kids. Now we are all grandparents. I need to find photos from the great squirt gun wars. Those were the days. Anyway, their son Noel just received his PhD in Philosophy. He never talks about himself and is pretty quiet and calm. Suddenly he comes running into the garage, wait --- make that the great room, dressed in his wizard outfit! Joy is squirting out of his finger tips he is so happy! He was just glowing. He explained the significance of the colors in his robe, the design, the hat. It was the best. He was the happiest 35 year old kid I have ever seen. I am so sorry that I had no camera. It was a great moment. What a pleasure to share it.

Shane is the older Boyle lad, he has been our handy guy of late. Does great work. Will be installing my new oven next week! We have lots of plans for our house.

On Saturday we left for Grand Rapids by 9 am. Andrea had everything all packed up, while we were out playing on Friday night she was working. Saw Steff's cute new apartment and we all went to lunch. Ryan met us there and they were back to South Bend.

When we got home Paul dusted off the GTO and we headed for the Beaverton Tavern. The Boyle's, Betty and George, Rose and Jack, kids and grands all met there. Roger and Bev drove down from Houghton Lake on the bike, and we all drank beer and ate Mexican food. Very good. Almost everyone took a turn through the Dollar Daze Store. I know, too much excitement.

Tony and Virginia are staying at the lake this week, and Woody and Marti are coming up for the week too. Sounds like fun afoot.

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